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what the fuck

so a couple ngihts ago was drivng to my friend Colby's house from my gf Sara's house sleepy speeding and drifting off to sleep took a turn down deschutes market way to fast manage to swing my car around backwards, roll over and land right side up. Front windsheild was destroyed as was the back and was the passenger front window. If the window next me broke isntead id of been prety cut up. instead i survived the crash wiht my seat bealt on, walk away wiht just a tiny scrap on one my f ingeres since i scraped it minorly when i tooched the iwndshield to see if this all was real. No broken bones no stichtes no nothing, i did damage to myeslf geting otu of the car then i did in the actualy car accident. Get home arund 2 am evne though the wreck hapend at 11ish. there were no other cars on the road so i hit no one. atleast 10 pm stoped to make sure i was ok after my dad went to go pick me up. I lost my cell in the accident but two random strangers helped and let me use their cellphones to call up my parents, i am very fucking lucky . I stared death in the eye and he blinked.
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