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so here ia m 14 credit schedule
week before school started i request 10-15 hours a week
get 24 hours, next week 31, next week 32.. and funly enoguh this comign week i amscheduled to work 36 hours
how anyone thinks its possible to juggle 36 hours of work and 14 credit schedule amazes me since i am suppsoed to spend 3 horus outsite of shcool working on hw/ studying for classes per a credit of class which is a nice 42. so 42+36+sleep(8*7=56). 78+56 = 134
134 horus is not including time i spend at school, and there are only 168 hours a week. So basicaly if my boss doesnt lower my hours i am quiting and they can all futher feal the strain of being understaffed. I am the only bottem feeder person at my store that does not have cashier training, being the deli workers get that training and paid wonderufl minimum wage as welll. But, all those managers, and cashiers can suck it if they dont lower my hours. dad is behind me on this decision to posibly quit
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